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Long Term Care - Plan Three

...our US Government created laws that allow you to arrange your assets in such a way as to make them an "excluded resource" or unavailable and ignored should you need long-term nursing care.  In other words, this process allows you to qualify for government benefits without the need to first spend down your assets.  This process is not some unintended loop hole that some high priced attorney found and is making it available to the public.  Laws were purposely written allowing this process to happen.

This process is not unlike income tax or estate planning. In the process of tax planning you apply for all of the legal deductions available to you under the law.  The end result is that hopefully, you lower your tax obligation to the smallest amount possible.  This permits you to keep more of your assets.  The same thing occurs during the estate planning process.  With planning, families can eliminate the expense of probates, certain taxes, fees and other expenses which can save wealthier families hundreds of thousands of dollars which then can to be passed to their heirs.

Plan three is a highly cost effective way to keep a nursing home from getting your assets.  When people learn that plan three exists, and they learn and understand the facts of plan three, it is an easy choice vs. plans one and two.