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There are however, actually three plans for seniors to choose from as they contemplate the long-term care issue.  Unfortunately there are not many people in the financial services industry that know plan three even exists, much less have a way to offer it to their clients.

It is an easy choice among the three plans and we can help provide solutions.

Long Term Care

Long-term Nursing care is clearly one of the top concerns of seniors since they are fully aware that unless they have a plan in place to address this problem, they are likely to lose most, if not all of what they own.  As we have mentioned previously, Medicare states at least 70% of people will need long-term care before they die, and most seniors have not addressed how to deal with this problem.  Why?  We believe it is because seniors have been told they must choose between one of two plans as they face this dilemma, and they are not happy choosing either of one of them.

The odd thing is, it is the third option that most seniors wish they could find.  The remarkable fact is the plan exists, it is cost effective, and it is available to them if they would only talk to the right person.  To understand each plan or option, let’s review each one.