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  • We offer a free confidential review of your existing Estate Plan.
  • Even if you have a Trust or Will right now, we will review it to be sure it is working for all of your current and upcoming needs.  If it is not, or will not address your future needs, we can make changes so it will work for you!
  • We also offer a free confidential consultation to introduce you to Heritage and provide guidance to your unanswered questions about Estate Planning.
  • Membership fees are $30 per year or $50 for two years and are paid on an annual basis. 

Members don't pay attorneys "billable hours" for services completed.  One reasonable fee does it all!

Our members enjoy access to experienced estate planning attorneys who counsel with the Member and then custom draft their estate planning document.

While many attorneys charge for every change you make to your trust document, we cover that charge for you!

Heritage will review any present estate plan and issue a personal and confidential report.

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  • Free Access to Estate Planning Questions
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